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Who Is VegaDonApparel?

Music and fashion goes together well but Vega Don is no stranger to neither. As one of the Executive Vice Presidents for Wu-Tang Management, he has reached many heights with his knowledge in music and marketing. Vega also acquired 3 yrs of Fashion Marketing under his belt which lead to his interest in modeling and one day making his mark in the fashion world. Well that day has arrived and he has a brand of his own. It's recognized by the letter "V" with his name on it, a Kings Crown and the folded arms of a muscle-bound Killa Bee that has brought forth the 1st side of what we call VegaDonApparel. "I came up on that 90's Hip-Hop flavor of fashion"- Vega. You got the Velour Tracksuits and Snapback Hats for the guys, then you got the Leggings/Spandex pants with Crop Tops for the ladies. We can customize the logo for your t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and hats at your request. The 2nd side of VegaDonApparel represents Vega himself. The logo attached to this is one inverted triangle that represents "V" or VEE placed next to a regular triangle that represents "A" or YAY.  Vega was born in Richmond, Virginia (VA or VEEYAY) and these triangles also includes his zodiac sign and symbols that represent his existence. The 3rd and final side, we pull out the Signature Clothing (Vega Dons' actual signature) for the Casual & Upscale dressed King & Queen. So its all basically Old School infused with the New School on all 3 sides of his clothing line. "No one can reinvent fashion, you take what already exist and upgrade it with your vision to make it better!"-Vega Don